Choosing Final Project

Yesterday, I finally decided to write to one of my professors to know if he was interested in being the supervisor of my Final Project.
It was not easy to know what way I had to choose, but finally I have taken the way of Text Analysis and Data Mining.

There are two main reasons because I have chosen this option:

  1. Social Networks
  2. Business

Social Networks

Thanks them, we have tons of information walking around us. People write about everything on their social networks and it is necessary having a tool which must be able to analyze and sort it. There are hundreds of different applications for this technology.


As I say previously, this kind of tools can be used in too many different ways. But, keep in mind, students would be really happy if you show them a tool for auto-summarizing their lessons… 😉

Anyway, I also want to take this opportunity for starting to work with some dynamic language as Ruby or Python (or, why not, JavaScript on server side…). Beacuse of this, I have started a course about Ruby at Codecademy. Ruby is a fantastic programming language with a really nice syntax and thousands of wonderfull surprises… (I’m really enjoying learning it). I also had a book written by Matz which I have bought two years ago, but, you know, books are a really good idea for having a deeper knowlegde about the language, but I need some action for first 🙂