Article about Teamwork

by Sergio Álvarez

Yesterday I read an interesting article about teamwork posted on by Marcus Hammarberg. It shows some improvements for Scrum methodology which make it more practical and agile.

In my experience, (bad) Scrum is tedious. Really tedious. At work, it is usual that the daily standup takes more than 30-40 minutes for a team with 8 developers. Tasks are no well-defined. And there is no time for improving the team (by increasing our knowledge).

I really love Agile Methodologies but, in my opinion, it is neccesary spending some time thinking about whether the team is really prepared for using them. Sometimes, might be positive to hire a professional Coach for training the team about the Agile principles. It is essential make people totally convinced about the process and make them feel as important part of the team lifecycle.

I hope you enjoy the reading.